Jenny Beyer
After an education in classical dance at the Hamburg Ballet School I continued my study at the Rotterdam Danceacademy.
In my choreographic work I am searching for ways to let the body collide with different external stimuli. In my pieces Tableau Doublé, and TanzTanz (2007) I am using a wide range of images taken from various historical, cultural and aesthetic contexts, which are processed by the performers into a living collage of poses, gestures and movements. I am interested in the human body as a container, mediator, a void which binds, a body that transmits unique situations and experiences and travels between movement and image. Rather than looking for highlights I am searching for a variety of details existing equally next to each other. I want to invite the audience to read the choreography moment for moment, I want them to trust and confront their own imagination.

2006 I founded together with other recipients of the danceWEB scholarship/Vienna Sweet&Tender Collaborations, an artist-driven initiative that focuses on self-organization of artistic processes and production and emphasizes collaborative forms of working.  Since then I have worked and collaborated with many artist that are involved in Sweet & Tender. During Sweet&Tender Collaborations 08 in Porto I started working with Christoph Leuenberger. Our first piece UNIEK was premiere at the Springdance Festival in Utrecht (NL) in 2009. In Winter 2010 we continued together with Anja Müller: I I I- a collective approach towards solo was premiered in April at Kampnagel Hamburg, toured internationally and was invited to the 8:tension series at Impulstanz/Vienna 2010. 2010 I initiated the Sweet & Tender meeting “Treffen Total”, a cooperation with K3-Center for Choreography/Tanzplan Hamburg. The piece "Haut" (2012), again a collaboration with Christoph Leuenberger, deals with make-up art in performance. In "ALL" (choreography for four dancers 2013) I use the method of image meditation to start the impossible attempt to create a world of all worlds on stage. My piece "DUETT" deals with the touching and expressive effect of music to dance. From season 2014/15 till season 2016/17 I receive the conception funding of the Hamburg Department of Culture. The three pieces that I will produce at Kampnagel in the context of this funding each focus on different aspects of the relation between audience and dance: In the first year possibilities of proximitiy, in the second year reception and in the third year participation. During this longterm project I will introduce a new form of public rehearsals: In a series of OPEN STUDIOS audience is invited to witnes and join rehearsal processes. The choreographies are developed in continuous dialogue with potential audience members.

Next to my choreographic work I teach regulary professional dancers as well as amateurs and young students in different contexts. Also I am working as a coach and choreographer for the Hamburgian band Deichkind.

* 1981 Hamburg
1995 - 1999 Hamburg Ballet School
1999-2003 Rotterdam Danceacademy
2006 stipend of danceWEB, Vienna
2007 Choreographer in residence at K3/Zentrum für Choreographie Tanzplan Hamburg
2010 invitation 8:tension/Impulstanz/Vienna
season 2014/15-2016/17: recipient of conception funding of the Hamburg Department of Culture
2019-2022 structural funding of DAS OFFENE STUDIO by Hamburg Department of Culture
DJ under pseudonym: djiNN, Mindy

Sweet and Tender Collaborations
Jenny Beyer sees images and detects movement under their surfaces. And she sees music; its rhythm makes the images flow. Her dance takes up the impulses lightly, as though it were dabbed onto the space, yet still it sketches remarkably clear shapes.
Irmela Kästner, Danceplatform Germany Programbook 2014
DUETT, 2014, photo: Thies Rätzke
Awarded by critic Falk Schreiber as choreographer of the year for DÈBUT, TANZ yearbook 2019