Jenny Beyer
Sayaka and Jenny are walking through the desert, they are very thirsty. Jenny kills Sayaka, then she becomes Sayaka´s dog.

Sweet and Tender Collaborations
Tableau Doublé
concept/ choreography: Jenny Beyer | dance: Sayaka Kaiwa, Jenny Beyer | music: Jetzmann | costume/decor: Anna Wuebber | advice: Nik Haffner, Marcus Droß, Ben Pointeker | marimba: Johann Popp

"Tableau Doublé is produced by K3-Zentrum fuer Choreographie/Tanzplan Hamburg with the support of the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Hamburg Departement of Culture in cooperation with Kampnagel Hamburg. With the support of the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union, within the frame of Enhanced danceWEB Europe, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung and Alfred Toepfler Stiftung.

Premiered on 3 December 2007, K3-Centre for Choreography/Danceplan Hamburg at Kampnagel, further performances May 2008 Festival da Fabrica, Porto/Portugal

Considering the basic condition of the performer -- one formed by the movement in the very same moment that s/he forms the movement -- Jenny Beyer begins developing her work at the threshold between choreography and dance, between image and movement. In Tableau Doublé, she feeds this interest with a wide range of images taken from various historical, cultural and aesthetic contexts, which are processed by two performers into a living collage of poses, gestures and movements.

Tableau Doublé modifies the rules of the old parlour game: "Tableau Vivants", in which paintings are re-enacted by actors for the spectator to decode and recognize. Using numerous pictures, photos and film sequences as source material, the smallest movements of the two dancers' bodies create new images, and the moment of decoding is withheld. On the diamond shaped stage, in interplay with the electro-acustic sounds of composer Jetzmann, a choreography evolves that is playful and fluent, stringent and unpredictable. Images transformed into bare form confront the spectator with his/her own imagination.

"A few blankets and well calculated light, more the choreographer Jenny Beyer does not need to transform in interaction with her dance partner Sayaka Kaiwa, the stage into fantastic landscapes." Irmela Kästner, Die Welt, 08/12/2007

Trailer by Benjamin Knispel, performance 5th of december 2007 at K3-Zentrum für Choreographie/Tanzplan Hamburg

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